Greek Meatballs (Keftedakia) Recipe

greek meatballs keftedakia

Greek Meatballs (Keftedakia)

An amazing quick and simple popular traditional Greek recipe of baked meatballs with the traditional Greek name “keftedes” or “keftedakia” (small meatballs).

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 5 slices of old white bread, without crust
  • 2 lb. (I kg) very finely ground lean beef or lamb
  • 2 medium-sized grated onions and two minced cloves of garlic
  • 1 tbs. each of finely chopped mint and parsley
  • Salt and pepper, 1 tsp. ground cumin
  • 1 tsp. finely grated lemon zest
  • 2 eggs, beaten, oil for frying

Meat Balls – Keftedakia recipe Directions:

Soak the bread in water, then squeeze it very dry and mix well with all the other ingredients except the oil to form a firm paste – a food processor is ideal for this purpose.

Allow to rest in refrigerator for an hour, then form into small balls, roll in flour, coating them well, and fry in hot oil.

Place the meatballs (keftedes) in a colander lined with kitchen paper to drain for a minute or two but take care to serve them as hot as possible. Makes enough for 6 when combined with other Greek mezedes and a traditional Greek salad.

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Holidays in Lefkada Island Greece

porto katsiki lefkada island panorama greece

Porto Katsiki Beach Lefkada

Lefkada (Lefkas) is a beautiful island in the Ionian Sea, which is separated from Mainland Greece by a 25-meter artificial canal and two bridges connect it. Lefkada is characterized by beautiful beaches, impressive sites, mountainous terrain, lush landscape and hospitable inhabitants, making it one of the finest vacation destinations in Greece.

Lefkada Town

Lefkada Town, the capital of the island, has its own special personality, with its tile roofed buildings and surrounding green landscape. The fortress of Agia Mavra, located a short distance from the capital, hosts the Festivals of Literature and Art every summer. The main square is the meeting place of Lefkada Town and is packed with people every evening. The church of Agios Spyridonas is on its northwest side is worthwhile a visit. The heart of the town is along the main street, which leads to the main square. There you can enjoy a soft drink or the special local almond emulsion “soumada” in one of the quaint cafes.

Vassiliki Village

Vassiliki is a scenic fishing village, located 38 km from Lefkada Town, with a well-developed tourist infrastructure, small whitewashed houses, a picturesque harbour and a stunning beach. The bay of Vassiliki is one of the best known areas for windsurfing in the Mediterranean. Apart from Vasiliki Bay, there are many other bays in the area with golden sandy beaches such as Agiofyli and Porto Katsiki. From Vassiliki Harbor a ferry departs twice a week for Kefalonia and Ithaki. In Vassiliki there are an abundance of restaurants and taverns that served local delicacies, as well as scenic cafe, bars and night clubs for your night time entertainment. Vassiliki also possesses plenty of hotels, apartments, studios, villas and rooms for rent that offer comfortable accommodation.

Lefkada Beaches

The shores of Lefkada are full of exquisite beaches and crystal clear waters that range from deep blue to emerald green in color. On the western side, visitors can swim at Pefkoulia, Agios Nikitas, Kathisma, Mylos beaches and the top of them, Egremni Beach and Porto Katsiki Beach , while Vasiliki Bay and Agiofili Beach are located in the south. Gyra and Ai Yiannis are located on the northern side of the island, while to the east are the beaches of Nikiana, Nydri, Vlychos and Mikros Gialos.

Local Cuisine & Nightlife

Lefkada has an excellent local cuisine, with tasty traditional dishes. To start off, we suggest you sample the local sausages and salami. For your main course, you can try whitebait pies, “savoro” (fish marinated in rosemary and raisins), “bourgeto” (fish in a tomato and onion sauce), squash pie and cabbage pie. Lefkada Town is the place where the island’s nightlife entertainment is concentrated, although Nydri and Vasiliki are worthy competitors.


Onychomycosis – Nail Fungus Infection

onychomycosis foot fungus treatment healthy nailsOnychomycosis, also known as “Ringworm of the Nail,” is the clinical term for a fungal infection of the nail. While the term can refer to an infection of either the finger or toenails, the toes, in particular, provide a more conducive environment for the fungus to flourish, and thus most infections will be found there.

The dominant symptoms—thickened, yellowing, crumbly and/or brittle nails—can occasionally apply to other conditions, making hard statistics on infection rates difficult to pin down. The prevalence of onychomycosis has been pegged as low as 6% in the adult population, and as high as 12-15%. The percentages escalate dramatically, though, over the age of 50. Infection rates of nail fungus  in children are low, almost nonexistent.

Several fungal species can cause onychomycosis. The most common are dermatophytes, simple parasitic fungi that feed on keratin, the dominant protein in the nail. These fungi flourish in warm, moist, and enclosed environments, all traits which leave toenails particularly vulnerable. That is not to say that everyone is equally susceptible. The nails of the young and healthy, for the most part, can usually defend themselves, unless other factors are involved. But with advanced age, the nail becomes weakened and is less able to fight off the fungus on its own. Other risk factors include diabetes and immunodeficiency, poor hygiene, nail trauma (which reduces the nail’s ability to protect itself), athlete’s foot, hyperhydrosis (extreme sweating) or any other overexposure of the nails to wet conditions.

Along with the aforementioned symptoms, severe cases can result in the nail detaching completely, or worse, can lead to dangerous secondary infections. Those with already weakened immune systems or diabetes are particularly vulnerable to these secondary problems.

The combination of low price, comprehensive treatment approach, natural ingredients, and lack of dangerous side effects have made homeopathic solutions the preferred method for getting rid of toenail fungus for good. For the first time, nail fungus infections have met their match. Some natural nail fungus remedies like tea Tree, Jojoba, Almond, Lemongrass Oils soothes and moisturizes the skin, and prevents itching and irritation are ideal remedies to treat toenail fungus. Some patients recommend a home remedy vicks vapor rub to treat toenail fungus  and they protest that is very effective and can clear up fungus very fast.

Enjoy Breathtaking Sites During Your Holidays In Thassos

The world of Thassos is perfection and beauty harmonized with elegance. Not anybody in their right mind would leave out the Island in their travel plans. Holidays in Thassos are unique and come with a unique crystal mien that makes a person curse when that time to go home is nigh after the holiday, since the beauty of the island is ultimately addictive.  If you have never gone to a place that might leave you wondering what you have been doing wasting your time and money in other unsatisfactory destinations, then holidays in Thassos will most likely leave you wondering whether to refuse to go home or spend an extra day in the island.

Thassos Skala Potamia Golden Beach

Thassos Skala Potamia

The first sites you set your eyes on even before you know what the ground of Thassos feels like, is the sea. The royal blue body of water makes you conjure an image of the gods having a bath in one of the most clear and elegant waters that the globe has the joy of holding. The clarity of the water seems to tempt you to throw yourself from the plane and enjoy the best that nature endowed on the island.

When going for a vacation, one looks either for adventure or for luxury and comfort. Adventure obviously screams Africa since that is the one place that you can get a taste of nature at its best. But when it comes to relaxing and just enjoying the sunset, then a Luxury Thassos hoteluri should be your best bet to give you that and so much more. Ever been to Greece? Well, why don’t you make your next vacation all about it? You will get a taste of the Greek history no doubt but also a taste of the Greek sun that is described as one of the best. Wake up in the too-beautiful-to-describe rooms of the Luxury Thassos hotels as you watch the sun emerge from the Aegean Sea.

Teacher Loan Forgiveness

Teachert loans debtCongress and lawmakers have provide a law that have many benefits and ways to eliminate debts, to encourage individuals to enter and continue in the teaching profession. The Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program or (TLFP) aims to solve the issue of teacher loan debt, and give the ability to teachers to apply if they teach full time for five consecutive academic years at schools that serve low-income families by the U.S. Department of Education and meet other qualifications. The TLFP grants loan cancellation of up to $17,500 for teachers in certain specialties and up to $5,000 for other teachers, who teach for five years in certain low-income schools and meet other presuppositions. Teachers in an elementary or secondary public or private nonprofit school could qualify for a federal loan forgiveness program, need to send hard copies of the completed Teacher Loan Forgiveness Application Form for 2012 and the required documentation.

Another way to eliminate and successfully discharging debts and control teachers and students finances again is to consolidate loans.  It is possible to consolidate private student loans and federal student loans together and to summarize into one, easy to make monthly payment and in some cases students can consolidate these loans to a lower monthly payment, this is not always the best solution because the borrower if consolidate may lose the tax benefits of federal loans.

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