11 ways to know if your Greek

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Amazing comedic satire video for Greeks

From Marios Kappos and his cousin “parea” in 3 parts

How to Know if you are 100% Greek

Mario and Adam “parea” are going to tell you if you are 100% Greek (“Gamoto Ellina”)

  • If the only Greek cafe you drink is “Papagalos Loumidis” and you slowly burn it, and when served it it has bubbles at the top, your Greek (“Gamoto Ellina”)
  • If you like to gossip with Mrs Katina your neighbor across the street, your Greek (“Gamo ton Ellina”)
  • If you go to a fast food restaurant at four in the morning and say …”Hey boss get three Gyros with everything on it and one coca cola oh..your Greek (“Gamoto Ellina”)
  • If you have a satellite dish and you catch at least three greek channels your Greek (“Gamo ton Ellina”)
  • If you have your shirt half way unbuttoned and your chest hair are showing along with your chain and cross , your Greek (“Gamoto Ellina”)
  • If you go to a club and they are playing foreign music and you go to the Dj and say… “Hey malaka put on some greek music so we can dance” your Greek
  • If you have a store that is the only income for your family … and you close it to go watch the big soccer game Panathinaikos – Olympiakos, you are Greek Do i even have to say that your Greek ?
  • If you only watch soccer and football and and you don’t care for any other sport then you must be Greek
  • If the only thing your father watches is soccer and the Greek version of Deal or no Deal you are Greek (“Gamoto Ellina”)
  • If you have a kobloi and you are smooth with it as Larry Bird was hitting threes, your Greek
  • If you have a point and you start flailing your arms as if you are playing badminton you are Greek! Ellinara!

  • When your driving and you see a stop sign and you don’t stop, you are Greek
  • If you can express a range o emotions with one word, “Pou echeis paei re malaka”, you are Greek
  • If your dog understands Greek “Paw”, “Talk”, “Roll over”, “Sit”, you are Greek
  • If you think every price has room for negotiation…”How much is this buddy” “5 euros” 5? I’ll give you 3, Alright give me 4, This is the cheap shit take 2,..you are Greek
  • if you ask your dad for new soccer shoes… and says What did you just say? Let me tell you something…”One time i found a soccer shoe in the bushes And everyone called me the man, and you know why everyone called me the man? Because i was the only one in the village to have a soccer shoe. So work and buy yourself a pair. You gotta work…work. So you know what sweat and hardwork is … True.
  • If you drink tea from the mountains with metaxa or ouzo, to deal with any sickness or problem, you are Greek
  • If you are ready to go out and your dad says….Mario, where you going? Downtown? Don’t embarrass the family, you understand? behave? you are Greek
  • When you go to a club and you dance in a circle … , you are Greek
  • If you go to church, to pick up girls, you are Greek
  • When you driving and you see someone you know and you stop in the middle of the road to talk to them, and you don’t care if people are beeping you …, , you are Greek
  • If you do this much work, making these kind of a videos…, you are Greek

and a last one way..